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Immerse yourself in a world of beautiful Handmade Gold, Diamond and Silver Jewelry wholesale treasure at “Gemco International”. We offer a wide range of exotic and elegant hand crafted gemstone jewelry with custom made designs. All the designing and crafting work is done by our in-house jewelry designers and artisans respectively. We bring dazzling jewelry to you and that at unbeatable wholesale prices.

GEMCO INTERNATIONAL reflects sincere passion towards the craft of gemstone gold diamond jewelry that embodies the grace and elegance of every woman. Choices are available to you from our sparkling masterpieces and attractive collection of high quality Diamonds, Vintage, Gemstones, Victorian, Finding and Beads.Since our inception in 1974, we have secured the title of “Largest Wholesale Exporter of Gemstones from India” twice. Our experience in the industry enables us to deliver highest quality product to our valued customers. Loyalty, quality and value are the corner stones of our company.We cherish our bond with our customers and feel grateful to them for having faith and doing continued business with us.



Gemco International has been the pioneer in wholesale handmade gemstone jewelry since its inception. What Gemco international offers you are the best designs at the best wholesale prices, which is the prime thing that any business wants.

A visit through the site will give you details on the elaborate gemstone diamond gold jewelry collections that are on offer; jewelry collections that you won’t find anywhere else!

We offer wholesale Gemstones gold diamond and sterling silver based jewelry of the finest quality to enthrall you. Come and see for yourself!

Gemco International

The roots of Gemco International accomplishment extend back to the glorious energy and creativity of the Nineteenth Century. It achieves utter perfection in exploring new horizon to the jewelry industry. It explores its creativity and innovative ideas in giving new shape to the Raw Gems and Precious Metal and became one of the renowned brands in manufacturing and exporting high-end jewelry to wholesalers and retailers all over the world.

Gemco International is a leading international manufacturer. Supported by its unswerving devotion to the technology and the production of high quality material, the company turns out jewelry products featuring choice diamonds and gemstones in precious gold and silver settings. And today it is an unmistakable symbol of elegance and quality.